Despatch costs

Print@Home – For your convenience!

You can print a Wilder Kaiser Gift Voucher just like you'd print anything else at home. When you buy a Gift Voucher you'll also get a confirmation email from us with a PDF of the voucher included. Just open up this PDF and away you go. Choose “Download- and Email delivery” as your preferred delivery method. Or you can also receive your gift voucher by postal mail.


Standard postal mail:

Gift vouchers and small souvenirs – Austria € 5.00 or Europe € 5.00
Gift vouchers and large souvenirs – Austria € 10.00 or Europe € 10.00

Please note that a delivery by mail outside of Austria can take up to 1 week on average from the shipping date, in some cases up to 2 weeks.

Any claims resulting from discernible defects can only be alleged, if they are reported to Wilder Kaiser within 14 days following delivery.